Welcome to Accredited Training Company (ATC) a professional training organisation that has been delivering professional on-site & public training for more than ten (10) years. We supply training at our public venues on a weekly basis or we can come to you onsite to deliver training to meet your organisational needs.  We provide CPR, First Aid, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Low Voltage Rescue, Oxygen, Bronze Medallion & Pool Lifeguard Training.

Our staff consists of Paramedics, Nurses and Lifesavers who all have extensive industry experience.

Lyn Quirk (the Director) is a co-provider to Royal Life Saving Society of Queensland and to Austswim and offers training and assessment in Bronze Medallion & Pool Lifeguard. Certificates are issued by Royal Life Saving Society of Qld or Austswim.


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CPR & First Aid Training is offered several times at week at venues all over the Gold Coast, northern and southern areas.

Course Codes: HLTAID001, HLTAID003, HLTAID004

Accreditation is valid for one (1) year CPR, and three (3) years for Provide First Aid.

Pricing:  CPR$45, Refresher First Aid $95 and New First Aid $120


The Bronze Medallion New & Upgrade Course is held weekly on the Gold Coast.

Pricing: $160 Bronze New, $95 Bronze Upgrade

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The Pool Lifeguard New Course is held every second week on the Gold Coast.

Pricing: Pool Lifeguard New: $185 New, $125 Pool Lifeguard Upgrade

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The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety™ course provides candidates with essential competencies to teach swimming and water safety™ to persons from four (4) years of age in swimming pools and confined natural shallow water venues. Accreditation is valid for three (3) years.

Location: Miami Olympic Pool, 80 Pacific Avenue, Miami, 4220, Queensland

Cost $385

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AUSTSWIM – TEACHER OF INFANTS – This practical hands on 1 day elective course qualifies you to teach Infants from six (6) months to four (4) years of age. The age group in which most children are commencing to learn to swim. Most Learn to Swim pools prefer teachers to gain this qualification.

Location: Miami Olympic Pool, 80 Pacific Avenue, Miami, 4220, Queensland

Cost $278

AUSTSWIM – TEACHER OF COMPETITIVE STROKES – The course aims to provide candidates with the competencies to bridge the gap between the teaching and coaching of swimming.

Cost $225 Training location: Miami Olympic Pool, 80 Pacific Avenue, Miami, 4220, Queensland

The AUSTSWIM Teacher of Aquatics – Access and Inclusion course is designed to provide the knowledge and information required to deliver programs and services that meet the needs of a diverse range of people who use the aquatic environment.

Cost: $278 Training location: Miami Olympic Pool, 80 Pacific Avenue, Miami, 4220, Queensland